Briarfield Academy 6th Grade

Briarfield Academy 6th Grade

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This site was created to document our trip to Washington, DC in May. A committee of 6th grade students update the blog on a regular basis.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 3

Friday was a pretty rough day. Nothing seemed to go our way. First we rode to the subway to the Supreme Court. There was a news crew outside because they were waiting for an announcement of a new Supreme Court nominee. So we hung out there a while. Then we got to the corner and cops were blocking off the streets. We thought that Obama was coming so waiting for an hour in the sun. Obama didn't come. By this time we had missed lunch and had to go to the Capitol for our 1 pm tour. At the entrance, we had to toss all of our food, gum, expensive perfume, etc. They would not let us take it in the building. Our tour guide was so boring because all he wanted to talk about was himself and how many languages he spoke. He also flirted with Ms. Sue, Samuel's grandmother. We went to the House gallery and we got a Secret Service dude to tell us how the House worked. That was interesting. By 3:30 we were starving. The place we walked to was closed so we had to go to the Air and Space museum to eat at Mickey D's.....a two story McDonald's. We have never been so excited to eat at McDonald's in all our life.
The simulator was our favorite part of the museum. Also, anything that had buttons or knobs you could turn. Megan and Zoe were flipping for like 2 minutes on the simulator and it was fun. Cash and Krissy rode together with Cash screaming, "KAMIKAZE!" the whole time and trying to wreck the plane.
Then we rode the subway to Union Station. There was this old grouchy dude that looks like Santa Claus. We were all trying to get in the door of the subway and he started yelling at Mrs. Tisha calling her stupid because she was herding us all in together. She told him "I'm sorry but I am responsible for these students and I am trying to keep them safe." Then she sat down and he kept calling her stupid so Ms. Debbie put her hand in his face and said, "Be quiet and leave us alone." He still kept yelling. Ms. Tisha was so mad that all the blood rushed to her head and she couldn't feel her arms or legs.
At Union station there were lots of stores. It was awesome. Davis said it was stupid. We caught a trolley for a Moonlight Tour of the monuments. Our tour guide was really nice. We liked the Lincoln dude. We also liked the Vietnam and Iwo Jima memorials. Davis' favorite was the Korean memorial.
We got back to the hotel at 10:30 and then ate supper in the hotel.
For the record, Taylor is getting really mad at the stinky boy smells when they wave their arms in front of her face. She said, "I'm not tall enough to reach their heads so when they raise their hands, I get their pit stank."
Peace Out.


  1. Hello, from L.P! Glad you all are having a great time -- we miss you here. Stay safe and see all of you when you get home!
    Mrs. Shelia & the Howard gang

  2. Oh, Mrs. Tisha whatever will we do with you. Glad you have a teacher that loves you and is concerned for your well-being. I remember that McDonalds well...all too well. Sounds like you had a great day...hungry...but a great day.