Briarfield Academy 6th Grade

Briarfield Academy 6th Grade

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This site was created to document our trip to Washington, DC in May. A committee of 6th grade students update the blog on a regular basis.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Word Fom the Class of the 6th Grade Year

This is a part of the students view of the 6th grade year.We really enjoyed it very much.Thank you Mrs.Tisha for a taking us on these fieldtrips.You are the best and we will not forget this year.It was amazing and we had a blast!We are going to miss 6th grade much! WE LOVE YOU MRS.TISHA!! Taylor:"Mrs.Tisha took us to New Orleans this year and we had a great time.When we got to our hotel that night we played spoons.Mrs.Tisha is awesome at spoons.When she got her 1st letter she fell in the floor and was laughing but she was so mad!" Davis:"My favorite part of school was the fieldtrips.We went to NewOrleans to the WW2 Museum.We went to the Vicksburg Military Park.My favorite part was Washington DC. We went from May 5, to May 9." Luke:"6th grade was fun.Thanks Mrs.Tisha for taking us to Washington,Vicksburg,and New Orleans,bye 6th grade." Christy:"I loved the 6th grade it was so much fun.The main thing I like was going on field trips.It was so much fun the way Mrs.Tisha planned them out.I liked the games we played and almost everything.I'm going to miss everybody alot but then again I might not think about it over the summer.Well I will see them next year."

Samuel:"I will miss Mrs.Tisha for taking on fieldtrips.She let us have fun.We like her and will miss her even in the 7th grade and through all of our years."

Amelia:"I'm going to miss the 6th grade.Washington was halarious,Vicksburg was fun,and New Orleans was spectacular!I'll miss our class this summer!"

Megan:"I LOVED 6th grade!Mrs.Tisha is so much fun and thanks for taking us to Washington D.C. We had a blast! I loved the game spoons and how you always let us play bump before a test.I was so scared at first but I ended up loving it!I will miss it but I think i might make it through 7th grade!"

Addie Bell:"I loved Mrs.Tisha class.It was so much fun.I loved having the opportunity to go on fieldtrips including Washington D.C. thank you so much Mrs.Tisha for taking us.Also another thank you to the people who helped support our trip."

Cash:"Ihad fun in 6th grade.From the fun rumors tothe fieldtrips.Thanks Mrs.Tisha for taking us to Vicksburg and New Orleans.But most of all Washington D.C.!!!"

Ben:"This year was fun in the 6th grade.We went to New Orleans,Vicksburg,and Washington D.C. It was all very fun.Thanks Mrs.Tisha for all your help.We couldn't have done it with out you.I would also like to thank the parents for all of thier hard work."

Hayden:"This is the best year for as long as I have been here.The New Orleans Museum was pretty cool seeing the weapons that were actually used.The Battle of Vicksburg was awesome and the Illinous temple at the Museum of the Battle of Vicksburg was pretty cool.I have to say that D.C. was the best.My favorite ws the Holocaust Museum.Seeing the actuall luggage they used,the shoes,and the escape boat.Thanks Mrs.Tisha you are the best!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010


Going through security

Zoe and Krissy

Drinks and the Hard Rock!

Davis and Luke
Clouds from the airplane!
Swimming the last night!
Coody girls in front of the Supreme Court
Group Shot in front of the Supreme Court
Group shot at Jefferson Memorial
Mrs. Tisha being herself!

Zoe, Krissy and Jessica on the lawn of the Washington Memorial
White House
Capitol Building
Group shot on the first day out
Supreme Court
Hope Diamond (that really looks like a roll of paper towls!)
The big elephant at the Museum and Natural History
Kermit the Frog at the Museum of American History
Fountain at the hotel
Hotel plants Mrs. Neter

air plane wing
Mrs. Neter and Zoe

Addie Belle so excited about her first flgiht!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

And now a word from the chaperones....

Well it has also been a very interesting trip for us as well! One that I am SURE that none of us will forget!

First...On Thursday Tobey and Lisa...they were making there way up the escalator and a security guard proceeded to jump on them because their group of kids turned around on the escalator! He tells them that our kids were being a bad example to all the little kids that were there running up and down the escalators...I mean COME ON!!! They just turned around and looked behind them. Event number 2....Tobey and Lisa were at this exhibit that morphed your pictures in to neanderthals. Their was a grouchy ole' woman standing there waiting HER turn to warp herself and snaps at them "How many of these kids are you going to bring up to this?" Lisa politely tells her...."YOU ARE RUDE!!!" You go Lisa!!

Second...On our first day we purchased metro cards to ride the subway while we were here. Well we found out that if you put your card next to your cell phone it will mess it up. So instead of buying more metro cards we just started feeding about 3 people at a time (several of the cards weren't working). Well, it just so happened that Denise was the one that got caught! The Metro people told her that if she did it again that they would call the cops. OK i know they are just doing their job but MAN these people are RUDE!!! There is a way to approach people and I guess these people up here have never been taught Southern Hospitality!!

Let's see who should be next....OH YEAH! Lets talk about Tisha's encounter with the old man. Which also includes the involvement of Debbie. We were waiting for the subway and were filed to the side waiting for the ones on the train to get off and there was this old man that was standing on the other side. Seeing as how there was about 15 of us trying to get on at that door the people coming off the subway went toward the side that he was on which blocked him from slipping on the train. THIS is what made him mad! He went to yelling at Tisha telling her she didn't understand how they subway worked and all that junk and that is when Debbie threw her hand up in his face and told him to back off all he was doing was making it worse. He kept yelling and telling Tisha how she was stupid and Debbie got in his face and said BACK OFF!! With her hand out and in his face also! Tisha tried explaining to the man that we had 22 people that we were getting on and he just was not having that! She told him that she was looking out for the best interest of her group and only cared about getting them safely on the train. This OLD GEEZER continued to yell how stupid she was he finally moved on to the back of the train. (Which they ran in to him on the subway again tonight...HOW FUNNY!!!) So this is the full altercation of the grumpy old man that was on the subway and Tisha....oh yeah and Debbie too! LOL!

NOW...I don't guess that we could go just one day with out some altercation! We were riding in the shuttle, I am not really sure of where we were going, when we passed the Pentagon. Our driver was pointing out the side that was hit on 9/11 and Teresa was clicking away taking pictures. we pull in the parking lot surrounding the Pentagon (you would think there would be some massive gate around it or something), our driver was pointing out the 9/11 Memorial and Teresa went snap and that is when the siren went off! Did you know that you can't take pictures of the Pentagon? Yeah well neither did we! The Homeland Security Officer came on the bus and was NOT happy! He told us how many people died at the Pentagon on 9/11 and how taking pictures of it is a serious offense. I know he's just doing his job and protecting the country. So actually this was not one that we are really complaining about! We have just been laughing and picking on Teresa about almost getting arrested for taking the forbidden picture! Or should I say PICTURES!!! Found out later she has about 6-8.

As for me....BTW this is Benita, I've already given my lil run in with security. On the FIRST day none the less! When I tried to take a picture of Tobey getting scanned with the Beep wand, WHATEVER that thing is called! Which I understand we can't be letting people know how security to get in these places work and the officer that approached me was VERY nice about it. Which made me be nice back. Yes I can be nice when I need to be!

All in all this has been a GREAT trip. It's had its bumps as will any trip you plan, I don't think any will go perfectly. As the years go, Tisha will get this trip down to a tee this is still a learning process and I have full faith in Tisha eventually she will know DC like the back of her hand. I can't wait til next year when I get to come back!...but I'm hoping that I can talk her into a trolley, and stay away from the subway, I would hate for her to run into that Grumpy Old Man again! But I have to admit the subway wasn't that bad. Every time we got successfully on and off we would stand in the middle of the platform and clap like a bunch of crazy people. Literally! CRAZY PEOPLE!!! People waiting there would turn around and look at us. But anyway...I can't speak for all the parents in the class but I want to say THANK YOU TISHA!! You did an AWESOME job of getting everyone and everything ready for this trip!! It takes a special teacher to take the undertaking of taking a bunch of kids and their crazy Mommas to DC!

This is Benita saying it is 11:24 PM, on May 8, 2010, Over and Out From DC! Were Coming Home! It's been a GREAT trip!


A shuttle picked us up from the hotel and dropped us off at the White House. The girls liked the red room the best. Taylor like the blue room because it had the Navy Seal on all the furniture and it was very articulate. Ben like the State Dining Room. But mostly, the snipers on the roof were the coolest.
Then Anthony, our shuttle driver, took us to Arlington Cemetary. First we rode a trolley there and stopped and JFK's grave with the flame. We were all looking for tombstones with the star of David on them because those were Jewish. Cash wanted to try to pee on the flame to see if he could put it out. Then we saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The soldiers who guard the tomb clacked their feet really loud, were crisp and clean, and were very graceful when they walked. They also sounded funny when they called out orders. They count 21 steps and stop for 21 seconds before they turn. That represents a 21 gun salute. The adults all loved it and we thought it was awesome. Cash is still waiting for them to flip their guns in the air which they never did.
Then we saw the monument for the Challenger space shuttle that blew up with the teacher on board. Addie Bell felt sorry for her.
Then we went to Arlington House which was the home of Robert E. Lee. Cash was really ticked off that the furniture was not there because they were remodeling it. Amelia loved the color in the rooms and the view. Did you know that Robert E. Lee was kin to George Washington.....a Yankee?
Then we went to a mall to eat at the Food Court. A lot of things were EXPRESS... Taco Bell Express, Panda Express, Express the store. Luke liked that there were a lot of hot girls there. They had a bobble head Obama.
We went to Mount Vernon after that. The power was out in the museum so we didn't get to see that. We went to the mansion and Taylor was a very good tour guide. She made up a lot of stuff. She said that at least her stuff was believable....not like the stuff the tour guide was saying. Washy Boy was a farmer and rich. He had a lot of shops on his plantation like blacksmith and salt room and the spinning room. We saw the tomb where the entire Washington family is buried. There were 3 port a potties all in one room for Washington and all his buddies to use at the same time. The girls thought it was disgusting, the boys thought it was cool.
After that we went to the ESPN Zone. We played in the arcade for 2 hours. Davis andLuke threw the ball so hard that he broke the head off the plastic football players.
When we got back on the train, we saw the grouchy old man that got in a fight with Ms. Tisha. We all waved at him through the window and he got pretty P. O'd.
It is now 9:30 and Ms. Tisha won't let us swim until we finish this. Tomorrow we get on a plane and will be home by noon. Peace Out.

Day 3

Friday was a pretty rough day. Nothing seemed to go our way. First we rode to the subway to the Supreme Court. There was a news crew outside because they were waiting for an announcement of a new Supreme Court nominee. So we hung out there a while. Then we got to the corner and cops were blocking off the streets. We thought that Obama was coming so waiting for an hour in the sun. Obama didn't come. By this time we had missed lunch and had to go to the Capitol for our 1 pm tour. At the entrance, we had to toss all of our food, gum, expensive perfume, etc. They would not let us take it in the building. Our tour guide was so boring because all he wanted to talk about was himself and how many languages he spoke. He also flirted with Ms. Sue, Samuel's grandmother. We went to the House gallery and we got a Secret Service dude to tell us how the House worked. That was interesting. By 3:30 we were starving. The place we walked to was closed so we had to go to the Air and Space museum to eat at Mickey D's.....a two story McDonald's. We have never been so excited to eat at McDonald's in all our life.
The simulator was our favorite part of the museum. Also, anything that had buttons or knobs you could turn. Megan and Zoe were flipping for like 2 minutes on the simulator and it was fun. Cash and Krissy rode together with Cash screaming, "KAMIKAZE!" the whole time and trying to wreck the plane.
Then we rode the subway to Union Station. There was this old grouchy dude that looks like Santa Claus. We were all trying to get in the door of the subway and he started yelling at Mrs. Tisha calling her stupid because she was herding us all in together. She told him "I'm sorry but I am responsible for these students and I am trying to keep them safe." Then she sat down and he kept calling her stupid so Ms. Debbie put her hand in his face and said, "Be quiet and leave us alone." He still kept yelling. Ms. Tisha was so mad that all the blood rushed to her head and she couldn't feel her arms or legs.
At Union station there were lots of stores. It was awesome. Davis said it was stupid. We caught a trolley for a Moonlight Tour of the monuments. Our tour guide was really nice. We liked the Lincoln dude. We also liked the Vietnam and Iwo Jima memorials. Davis' favorite was the Korean memorial.
We got back to the hotel at 10:30 and then ate supper in the hotel.
For the record, Taylor is getting really mad at the stinky boy smells when they wave their arms in front of her face. She said, "I'm not tall enough to reach their heads so when they raise their hands, I get their pit stank."
Peace Out.

Day 4

We got at the hotel late last night but we will post and put pictures on here tonight!Taylor,Christy,Megan,and Ben

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This morning we woke up and went to breakfast. They had an omelet bar, muffins, cereal, eggs, and every breakfast item you could think of. When we left the hotel, we went on the subway. We were all kind of scared but then we ended up enjoying it, especially not holding on. Then we went to the Museum of American History. We loved seeing the original American flag, Michael Jackson's hat, Abe Lincoln's hat, all of the First Lady's inaugural ball gowns, Kermit, and Dorothy's shoes. Then we ate at the Ronald Reagan building. We are pros at going through security now. We also realized that putting your subway card next to your phone messes up your card. Megan only fell once today....she only bled a little.
We went to the Museum of Natural History next. We should have spent more time in there than in the M. of Am. History. We saw Rexie...he is not as big as we thought he would be. We saw scientists in the fossil making lab. We saw the Hope wasn't as big as we thought it would be. In fact, Addie Bell and Taylor thought that the 3 feet tall hunk of quartz was the Hope diamond. We took a picture of it but it looks like a roll of toilet paper because it is sitting on a white pedestal.
All of the manequins freaked us out. They looked so real that we were having a hard time telling if they were alive or fake. Jessica bumped into a man and screamed when he moved because she thought he was fake.
Next we went to the Holocaust museum. Mrs. Tisha was quizzing us about the Holocaust. Megan told all of us that Fitler was responsible for killing the Jews. Addie Bell told us the next thing on our "infraternity" (itinerary) was to go the museum. The replica of the process of the mass killing in the gas chamber was very moving. In one part, there were thousands of shoes that the Jews had to take off before entering the gas chamber. It was very sad.
Then we went to the Washington Monument. Mrs. Benita layed on the ground and took pictures that looked like our heads were on top of the monument. Mrs. Tisha showed us how to play elbow tag in the shadow of the Washington Monument. A lot of people got injured. Nothing serious. Then we switched to Chinese Freeze Tag but we had to change it to ethnic freeze tag because the group of Chinese people close to us started looking at us funny.
We got back on the subway but didn't see any gangsters. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had a drink called (Mrs. Tisha would not let us put the name of it on here). It was great. Then we got back on the Metro and bought a football and candy. Then we went swimming in the hotel. It is 11:37 pm andthe adults are ready for bed. LP2DC. PEACE OUT!